About Us

Candles ignite our passion! They're not just wax and wick; they're the essence of ambiance, the flicker of enchantment, and the aroma of memories.

Welcome to Avy Blue, where candle-making is a cherished art. Nestled in the suburb of Lombard, just 16 miles from the heart of Chicago, our family pours love and expertise into every handcrafted soy wax creation, as well as our exquisite home fragrances. Each candle and fragrance is a masterpiece, infused with the finest ingredients to guarantee a luxurious experience with every burn or spritz.

From tranquil evenings to vibrant gatherings, our candles and fragrances add that extra spark of magic. Join us in celebrating the artistry of illumination and scent. Try Avy Blue candles and home fragrances, and let your senses dance in delight!